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Life (Featuring Nora Fodil) Jamendo Music track cover
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    • a year ago

      Es maravillosa, como una transmisión poderosa de fuerza interior. Excelente. Gran trabajo.

    • Thank you very much for your nice comment ! I will tell Nora too ! Thanks !

  • a year ago

    Impresionante. Tengo los pelos de punta. ¡Bravo!

  • Muchas gracias Soldhar ! Nora thanks you too ! Thanks for listening !

  • Kate Long avatar
    a year ago

    I love your music!

  • holygreg avatar

    Thank you so much for your comment ! I will also send your kind comment to Nora ! Thx !

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  • johncarlo_d avatar
    a year ago

    great performance.

  • 한기용 avatar
    2 years ago

    great music.