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Far away Jamendo Music track cover
  • # A
    I know, you know,
    there's no control.
    Before, I go,
    You'll dissapear.
    And leave me home
    where I can blead alone.

    And, though,
    I'll never see you through.
    The ropes that bind us,
    are untrue.
    And we're forever
    on our own.

    You know I'll never forget you

    # B
    This is the end and I will part.
    The road is dark, but I'll commit.
    This will not end, this never ends,
    until I'm far away.

    # A
    Just don't forget,
    my heart's so true.
    You're now your own,
    that's life for you.
    But there's still hope,
    that I will never ever see you back to me...

    And I don't care...

    # B

    # Ending