Safe and Warm in Hunter's Arms Jamendo Music track cover

Safe and Warm in Hunter's Arms (2016)

From the album: Little Liar - Single
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    • alain.abello avatar

      Geat R'n'R riff and song !!!

    • Massimo Barbieri avatar

      Great bluesy riff guitar and fantastic rocky voice. One of my favourite song on Jamendo.

    • johngmehere avatar

      Cumming, GA. Say's Hot. Hot, Hot Strong Licks & Kickin' Blue's!!!!!! This song Crushes!!!!! 5***** Killer!!!!!

    • jmss avatar
      @ wrote


    • nativepride1816 avatar

      LOVE IT!!!! Had to play six times in a row... being a person who loves to dance this song made me dance dance dance..... while cleaning my house woooooo worn OUT. Thanks guys for such a bad ass song.........