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Rotten Tunes (2016)


From the album: Somebody
  • Intro : Ladies and gentlemen. I have a very important announcement to make. Please find your way to the stage. Verse 1: So, let's get straight to it. I've been trying to clarify for quite some time a couple things that I really want to share with you. Why is it important that I gotta say this ? Why is it that every time we hearing them hits, same shit, hate this. Man I gotta admit. Doesn't feel like anyone has given commitment since 2005. Been getting by. It's getting really difficult to keep getting by. Bet you wonder if the pace is gonna pick up now. Don't worry man the second verse is on its way now. Holy prop nouns gonna slip when we touch ground, from my tongue and straight up out of my mouth. I can see it right here from where I stand now. Unavoidable mighty names are inbound. Yeah I remember way back when I used to listen to this rap and get hyped up and shit. But nowadays, let's just say things' ain't the same. Verse 2: So I write raps. Yeah I like that. Yeah I'm bout that. Yeah it's swell to spread it out with a pen now, things seem to start making better sense now. I think I might've done it. At least I really want it. I sought for everything that could've made me slip or stumble. It would be a bad time for a freaky fumble but I think it's time I let you in on how I learned to grumble. Cause he taught me how to rap. Got me on the map. You know it can be done each moment when he's on the track. And put a little twist and mix a little riddle up with that, release a little crazy side of me I gotta let you have ! Or maybe singing. Nah man it sounds a little more like grooving. Build a solid image and you back it up with rap. Had me screaming "Go Shorty" I was still a little brat. Nah or is it the punchline king, spin these things with a hit of cool, nice swing. Things unfold and seem to roll round here, then it gets cold boy it's getting lonely down here. Or maybe Snoop Dogg. Big Snoop Dogg please roll me some of that cheech and chong. A man has gotta be humble if the peace is on. We should take notes wherever there is wis-dome. Now I don't wanna lose you, or not get through to you, or start confusing you. These rotten tunes on my nerves they're ruining any damn chance of getting through to this youth again. Verse 3 : Now when you want it real bad, you can't pull back. Can't point out only shitty setbacks. How the hell you gonna mess it all up like that ? Yeah you gotta shout ! It needs to be loud ! It needs to be convincing for the whole damn crowd and all of the people that you fear are gonna doubt. Pretty soon you'll notice that there's no one out there but you. That's when you can't stop reaching for the top. Now I got the drop on all of these fools that are claiming that they're Gods. Man I'm sick of all these fucking oversized egos feeding off shit like "I own the damn game". It's pathetic to see people idolize their own names: Man better stay cool, quit sweating it fool. All I ever seem to hear is "I'm better than you". And that's what seems to be the problem. At least that's what I see. But Fuck it ! It is what it is. And maybe one day things will start changing you know. But until then, well let's just hope I'm not too late. Verse 4 : But still it goes on man you gotta stay strong. I'd rather have everyone singing this song. I'd rather have everyone moving along on a good note, a loose note, or maybe who knows ? Let it out like you're already showing symptoms. And that's all there's to it. One Rhyme ! One Line ! Nah Lenny ain't a big boy stunner. Are the big boys gonna give him props I wonder. Maybe thinking that is how I keep on moving forward. Got me out here wanting to release that thunder like. That's what it's all about. This a damn cold world I'm depicting and talking bout. These people got me on a scheme and heading for the mound. Like I'm crazy or some stupid shit I'm never gonna drown.