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The Return Of The Heroes Jamendo Music track cover

The Return Of The Heroes (2016)

Aliaksei Yukhnevich

From the album: Epic Trailer Music by Aliaksei Yukhnevich
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    • ESJ GAMING avatar
      10 months ago

      Wow this is just stunning really love it. You are now my official go to guys for music in my new upcoming video game to be featured on Roblox. The game is an mmo WWII inspired game. Thank you for awesome music and keep up the good work.

    • yellowteasound avatar

      Thanks a lot!

    • ESJ GAMING avatar

      P.S.- I will also leave links to your music and give you credit for your awesome work.

  • bojendal avatar
    10 months ago

    darf ich den Song nun für einen privaten Youtube-Film nutzen oder nicht?

  • yellowteasound avatar

    Hello! Sorry for the long answer. You can use music in your film, but you need to know under the terms of a license. It is better to contact the licensing section of jamendo. Thank you!

  • jodan-bjarki avatar
    a year ago

    Scheiße mein leben ist zerstört