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Brighter Days (2016)


From the album: Brighter Days
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    • Matthew Rindel avatar
      3 months ago

      Hey Ridgway, I love the nguvu and the creativity which went into this song and also the entire album. It is truly ayoba! *nguvu* - the kiSwahili word for energy/strength *ayova* the isiZulu word for awesome/cool From Madagascar, Misaotra betsaka!

    • Radio Regentrude avatar
      9 months ago

      Thank you for your wonderful track(s)! Will put some of them in one of our next radio shows on http://www.radio-regentrude.de (independent, non-commercial & fully licensed internet radio with 2 hospital radio partners) and in further shows.

    • undergroundhero avatar

      Thanks so much, Radio Regentrude! We're so glad you've been enjoying the music and really appreciate you airing it on your shows. Much love from Northern California, U.S. and take care! Best, - Ridgway

  • Nitram Krist Diaz Cobain avatar
    9 months ago

    It´s very cool!

  • undergroundhero avatar

    Dear Nitram Krist Diaz Cobain, We're so happy you've been enjoying the music, and hope to make a whole bunch more for you in the future! You can keep up with us on our Facebook (link in description) for new music, videos, news, etc. Much love!

  • nande avatar
    10 months ago

    Touched my heart! Thanks a lot! I love the sound, really old school and easy to listen to. Recommended listening while working.

  • undergroundhero avatar

    Hey Nande, Thanks so much for the support :)! We're extremely glad you're enjoying the music, and it's great you're playing it while working haha. We recommend checking out our Facebook (link in description) for new music! All the best. -Ridgway

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