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Marina Jamendo Music track cover

Marina (2017)

Michael Ellis

From the album: Tavis Vor
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    • 0fandango0 avatar
      10 months ago

      how sweet?!

    • reflexe avatar
      a year ago

      Hum hum... Two versions of Marina and I cannot tell which one I like best. Seems I will be ending listening at both of them...

    • MichaelEllis! avatar

      Yeah, the album came rather surprisingly for me and Marina was just fitting so perfectly, it had to be on there. ;-)

  • kammer avatar
    a year ago

    this song brings the calm!

  • Jorge Luis Salas Madrigal avatar

    Marina has been playing in my car this trip to the beach with my buddies, we all love it!

  • MichaelEllis! avatar

    Wow nice! I love to hear that. :)