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Asymmetry Jamendo Music track cover

Asymmetry (2017)

Dofhei Project

From the album: Samsara Sex Flow
  • Last night I lost sight of myself and the mirror turn into a window.
    Tell me who you are? I said to myself, but I couldn't get no answer.

    I can't remember the moment when I lose my track of time.
    You know is hard to explain the haze of my mind.

    I will shout, I will hurt and feel that I can't give no more,
    nothing's final although it seems all the while.
    You will sign, you won't last, you will walk and lose your path,
    we won't leak out more than rain in the seaside.

    We don't know when we lose our tracks of time,
    you know it's hard to explain the haze of our minds, yeah...

    Last night I fall deeply in myself and I found you at the bottom.
    Too interferences in this gravitational magnetism order.


    I hoped you were someone I could count on
    when I was on doubt, oh, my love.
    Have we come too far to get home?,
    Oh, my old code now is gone.

    We find some love, divine sweet love,
    and we find some fear, and it seems won't go.
    We find some love, divine sweet love,
    and we tried stay clear, and it didn't work.


    I will scream, and I will shout, and I can't give, no more, no more.
    We won't overcome this cold asymmetry.
    And I won't hurt, no more, no more.