Lost and Found Jamendo Music track cover

Lost and Found (2017)

From the album: Make Believe
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    • jesus.info.segovia54 avatar

      ROCK. lOVE IS NOT Enough

    • RESC avatar
      @ wrote

      muy buena la secuencia de acordes de la guitarra, suena refrescante y equilibra con la fuerza del bajo.Buen solo y bastante virtuoso. Me gustó.

    • Carlos Daniel (Char) avatar

      Opino igual! Excelente grupo con excelentes temas,.

  • 19matthewherman avatar

    this is the most horrible thing i have ever heard in my entire life every thing in my life before this song was a joke so i am going to start living by jumping off of a bridge and see what reall power feels like

  • 19matthewherman avatar

    i also cant spell so yea peace fellow music listeners

  • 19matthewherman avatar

    makes no sense but im board so yea it is what it is