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    • a year ago

      I thought that this song was great for my videos with my friend

    • Thank you for listening!

    • Hey Chloe :) If you want the track for your video, you need an official license. For more info, contact Laura from the Jamendo Team

  • a year ago

    Excellent!!! Just came across your music today for the first time. Every track I've listened to so far has been incredible.

  • Thanks for the kind words!

  • Faisal Hasan avatar
    a year ago

    Like it!

  • lightningtravelermusic avatar

    I'm glad you liked this song!

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  • diegoacade7 avatar
    2 years ago

    You were born for this bro, thanks, namaste!

  • lightningtravelermusic avatar

    Thanks for the feedback and listening!

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