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Chiudi gli Occhi Jamendo Music track cover

Chiudi gli Occhi (2017)

Boom Boom Beckett

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    • 3 months ago

      First time on Jamendo and these cats caught my ear.. and my heart! Straight-up Jazz with a cool cool sound. Lots o warmth, soul & a stylish colorful range. I'm listening to them from the US. I dig them, baby! And I dig Jamendo!

    • Merci, très beau, continuez!!

    • 2 years ago

      what a beautiful song. a lovely melody and an exquisite rhythm, it reminds me to chet baker and his atmosphere. it's probably that We'll use it for the intro and the final credits of our short film. thanks for made this, i really inlove with this <3

    • 2 years ago


    • 2 years ago

      all to high drop it down give it some balls and it could be ok