The Little Robot Jamendo Music track cover

The Little Robot (2017)

From the album: What I Tell Myself Vol. 2
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      Thanks! Hope you enjoy the rest of the album!

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    @ wrote

    Love this song! May I use it for my vlog? thanks.

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    No problem--just so you know, we are contracted through CDBaby to get a small portion of ad revenues on YouTube, so you might see a licensing dispute...don't worry about that--they won't take your music down.

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    can I use this music in a youtube video if I credit you? I love the song :)

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    Hey there :) Glad you like the track. to monetize the video with this track, you will need to get a Standard license. If you use the track for free, the band can monetize the video through ads as danpieraccini states correctly.

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    Yes, but know that we have an agreement with YouTube that we get some small percentage of the ads, so if you're looking for ad revenue, you should know that much!

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    Use it for my vlog, love it.

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    Thanks! We are honored! -Dan and Forget the Whale

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    Surprising song, I like the gitarre and the pace.