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Coming Back Jamendo Music track cover

Coming Back (2008)

The Wind Whistles

From the album: Window Sills
  • Coming back is a sad, sad thing
    And the world feels so small again
    Some part of me is overseas
    And waits ‘til I’m back again

    I’ll meet you out on the train
    In a heartbeat do it all again
    And nothing’s out of the way
    If we can save up and pay the fair

    Time is all but a constant thing
    Only faster the older I get
    Precious moments that slip away
    And camera snapshots of what I missed

    I’ll talk to you in the plane
    I want that 9 hour ride again
    And though the date may be far away
    All my luggage is packed and I’m ready

    Muj navrat je smutku den
    A svet se zas maly zda
    Kus ze mne je dal za morem
    Nam muj novy prijezd ceka

    Rencontre moi sur le train
    Ce voyage j’vais encore le faire
    Et ou on va n’est pas certain
    On depart n’importe quand tu prends ma main