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If We Could Turn Back Time (remix) Jamendo Music track cover

If We Could Turn Back Time (remix) (2017)

Ocean Shiver

From the album: Out of Time
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    • paco cortizo velasco avatar
      2 months ago

      "" Guiños.""

    • andreas.linhardt avatar
      6 months ago

      I would denote this remix as the "Pet Shop Boys Edition" *winks*. Music and text blend well to each other, really good tune!

    • benweingartz9 avatar
      7 months ago

      Good variety of music,well done!!

    • sabrinatriggs avatar
      8 months ago

      This is so beautiful, I will be using this for my college showreel!

    • Laura avatar

      Hey Sabrina :) glad you like the track. However the CCs on this track do now allow a synchronisation with a showreel or other project. Contact me at support@jamendo.com for more info on CCs and on which tracks you can use.

  • Radio Regentrude avatar
    9 months ago

    Thank you for your wonderful track(s)! Will put some of them in one of our next radio shows on http://www.radio-regentrude.de (independent, non-commercial & fully licensed internet radio with 2 hospital radio partners) and in further shows. Kindest

  • OceanShiver avatar

    Thank you very much! =)