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  • # Athena Lyrics:

    (Verse 1)

    Just a year ago, When it started
    12 o'clock Thursday, at the party
    We locked eyes,. I knew what you wanted
    I'm not weak but I felt it stronger
    Thinking how I'm gonna make my move tonight
    Thinking bout what we gone do tonight
    My ex on a text, Trying to chill tonight
    But I'm only focused on you tonight

    If I want you, I gotta work for it
    Fighting n***** over you, Like a turf war
    But I'm smooth with my game
    So it won't mean a thing
    I move cross this room
    Like a wave I'm a surfboard

    (Pre Chorus)

    Look into her eyes , Have you seen her
    Her manner her look , Her demeanor
    A Modern day, Martin and Gina
    A Goddess
    (Hashtag) # Athena


    (Verse 2)

    Girl you're something like magic
    F*** the Johnson, I don't need static
    Addicted to the top, Guess I'm an addict
    Tattoo on you reads
    (Semme Automatic)
    Red lip stick on your lips, Nick name Taylor
    How you move so swift
    My eyes are mesmerized by those thighs
    (What else do you like)
    How you sway those hips
    Side to side, I like the way move,
    Black shades on girl,I'm way too cool
    You got me feeling like a man on the moon
    I hate when I catch feelings way too soon

    (Pre Chorus)

    Look into her eyes, Have you seen her
    Her manner, her look, her demeanor
    A Modern day Martin and Gina
    A Goddess
    Hashtag, Athena


    You know how long I been on ya
    Don't act like I never told ya

    Semi, Semme Automatic, Simi, Semy, Seme, Samuel, Semuel, # Athena, Simmie