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Here We Are Jamendo Music track cover

Here We Are (2017)

Adult Only
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    • ALBERTO ALBERTO avatar
      5 months ago

      muito bom ....

    • HQDVD avatar
      6 months ago

      Very positive, music oriented to full relaxation :)

    • Vasilis Samaras avatar
      9 months ago

      there is something that make always things happen.. it's "will" that is to say, a piece of excellence comes about hard persistence and joyful effort.. συγχαρητήρια

    • Trancer avatar
      9 months ago

      De belle sonorité comme toujours.

    • shlomif avatar
      9 months ago

      I feel it is a good track. It is pleasant to listen to yet edgy enough to be interesting. Well done!

    • Oneak avatar

      So the recalibration works for you ;)