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  • He whispers in you ear,
    Telling you twisted thoughts.
    Husky but oh so clear,
    The kind you can't just ignore.
    He's got you at gunpoint,
    Lost all of your control,
    That where he wants you.

    The colour of it can make you crazy,
    It's kaleidoscopic.
    The whole of your world is turning around,
    And inside out.
    The thrill of it is so teasing,
    But with consequences.
    Creates a smog covering conscience,
    Blurring right and wrong.

    He's like your wildest dreams,
    Wrapped in nightmare.
    Can hear the deafening screams,
    Coming from within his soul.
    And from his heart,
    With every heartbeat.
    Screaming please take me in,
    Just for the night.