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Constellate Jamendo Music track cover

Constellate (2018)

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    • a day ago

      Swietne wykonanie i przyjemne dla ucha. Czekam na nastepne piosenki!

    • 8 days ago

      Me gusta mucho esa voz melódica tan dulce

    • 10 days ago

      Ok. I think I love this. Although the harmonic life of this song is predictable and safe, the melodies are just outstanding! Melodies with thought put into them! Top-notch. Nothing feels contrived about this. And her voice is a satin scarf. So good.

    • 12 days ago

      Beautiful and soft. Just i can use for my painting video

    • Are You Going To PostYour Painting VideoOnline I Would Be Honored To See Your Art

  • Very good