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  • rtist: Jonay
    Song: Whatcha Wanna Do
    Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

    Whatcha wanna do I’m, right in front of you
    gotta place backstage that’s ready for two
    Where we can get our grind on
    Do the thangs ya don’t dare do with the lights on
    J-O, you know the rest so, come on
    Bring it to me, ima give it to ya girl, let’s go
    Im gonna get mine, you gonna get yours

    Damn you look good and I wanna take off
    If you like to if you don’t mind
    Let us sneak out the back door, leave it all behind
    You and me one on one,
    Gonna give what you want
    Just tell me when it’s on, then it’s on
    Then I felt sudden slap on my face
    Saying J, you aint really top of my taste
    With a smooth talk, and a cool walk
    Gotta man plus you aint exactly looking like Jude Law
    Say What?

    Looking nice “Yes, Do I want a bite “Yes”
    Do I mind if u gotta man by your side “No”
    Got no wrist like “wow” and my kicks are “old”
    But I’m still like hold up “Whatcha wanna Do”

    Ey stop for a minute miss, I didn’t finish it
    Don’t mean to show, but u aint got no limits with, me
    Pay attention to the way you breathe,
    Tryina tell me you don’t feel it?
    I’m a pump that adrenaline
    Have you bump eloquent
    Do all them thangz that’s relevant
    An, ad little bit more, fast and little bit slow
    Move away from the wall to the middle of the floor
    Let me take care of ya
    Take you over seas and I aint talking about America
    Show what separates J from the rest
    Two chances is all I need to be flaring ya
    First off I bring up the lighter
    Second off I set your whole body on fire
    Let your man know
    He’s smart enough to have you
    But dumb enough to let u out, if he asks say J said so


    Verse 3:
    Hop in hop in we be Rollin Rollin
    Doing something bumping, in the backseat the feeling like wow
    And I aint talking about igniting a dro
    Rather talk about getting you off them …
    Strap your belt on, we going out, for, a ride, do something
    You going like though
    Get your freak on, wont u speak grown
    Tease me a little with the thing u know me want
    Breathe in breathe out, show u what I’m worth
    Rough and raw but I promise I wont hurt
    Gimme what you got ima handle it proper
    Show me what you made of and I won’t stop ya
    Till the tire go flat, if it busts I got the spare right at the back
    We be rollin on until early morning till the sun comes up
    Or until your man is calling