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EHMA - Pizzicato Jamendo Music track cover

EHMA - Pizzicato (2004)

Various Artists

From the album: CD KDO-PYLEFT
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    • Johann Godallier avatar
      20 days ago

      Magnifique. Au delà des mots. Quel voyage !

    • eladiorial avatar
      a year ago

      Great Song

    • andrea244 avatar
      4 years ago

      This song is amazing. I am a filmmaker and would like to use it in my cinematography reel- may I have permission? I will give credit at the end of the video. The video will go on my personal website and will be shown to potential employers only. Thank you!

    • gen gene avatar
      4 years ago

      Hi. I like so much this song and i ask you if you please give me your permission to use this in a short slide-show movie which i wish to put on my facebook page with some photos with my family members. I will mention author and the page where i downloaded this amazing song. Please let me know if you agree. If you not agree i will not use this song . I just listen on my laptop. Thank you so much and i hop you let me use your song. have nice day!

    • ambra zamuner avatar
      5 years ago

      Hi, I'd like to use Your track for my fashion editorial project, it's called Xpose and it's gonna be online tomorrow. I''l give put the credits at the end of the video and in the description below... I'll post you the link in here soon ...thanks!