Let Me Go Jamendo Music track cover

Let Me Go (2007)

From the album: Your Reality
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    • Eva Forteza Fiol avatar

      Hello, I love this song!! I Would love to use it in a amater shortfilm, that I am domingo rights now..in Mallorca spain.. Not pretty sure how it works.. Can i use it?

    • Laura Jamendo Support avatar

      Hey Eva :) Glad you like the track. For more info on how to use this in your video, contact me at support@jamendo.com. También me puedes escribir en español

  • sebastien avatar

    Cool one!

  • Sound Rise avatar

    Great great great uooooooo ;)

  • J. Paulo Rouxinol avatar

    Great sound! Is that possible to have one version Instrumental only? Thank you!!!

  • steep avatar
    @ replied

    Yes it is. Check out Smartsound. There you can get single Tracks to each instrument.

  • deftez avatar
    @ wrote