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First Date Jamendo Music track cover

First Date (2009)

Leslie Hunt

From the album: Your Hair is on Fire
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    • soyvalen avatar
      4 years ago

      Música y melodía muy chula, junto a una buena voz femenina. Realmente ha sido un descubrimiento muy agradable.

    • ciro leonardo pereira marques avatar

      Forget about Gaga, Katy, Miley and the others. Leslie Hunt, she's the one we'll want to listen from now. First Date was, so far, the best song I've listened from her. It's strong and catching. About the album other songs, they sound somehow solid. I have no idea of how long is this beautiful voiced girl working, but her band sounds very experienced. The guys are good, Leslie is great. Come on, let's stop writing and start listening. Leslie Hunt, ladies and gentlemen!

    • velots avatar
      6 years ago

      muy buena voz... si muy buena... algo falta no ?. un saludo argudin2000