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Set Me Free (2010)

Chasing Eidolon

Von dem Album: Chasing Eidolon
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    • vor 3 Jahren

      Congratulation. Good melody, good quality and sweet voice. Perfect combination forsuccess.I wish you great things for your future =)

    • vor 6 Jahren

      beautiful song, beautiful voice...

    • vor 6 Jahren

      this song and the rest of the album, helped me tap into how i really feel about my mom and dad leaving me, and "set me free" is how i feel about an exboyfriend. its helped me really pull myself together, and calm down, cause of the tempo and the lyrics. thank you you should come to wisconsin! id tell everyone who doesnt know u yet to come. cause ive been telling friends about your music left and right! thank you thank you thank you, sincerely, a healing survivor of abuse. (and fan)

    • vor 6 Jahren

      Solid perfomance all around.

    • vor 6 Jahren

      thanks [img][/img]