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    • 7 years ago

      Hi! The composition is really well done, I love the contrast and the fact that everything is really smooth between all the instruments. The theme falls and derivates like a river, I love your flute and the thing I love the most is the theme at 1:22 played by the pads. This epic crescendo of arpeggios leads to something epic : the guitar. When it comes the mix, I'm a bit disappointed that your mix is too flat. I mean you can do much better with the type of music. Your mix has to serve your composition with volume increase/decrease and bass when you need. You know after the epic part leading to the guitar I would have love to FEEL the guitar and the drums inside me. But all what I felt was this continuous pad from the beginning to the end that takes too much stereo space. You should work more with instrument stereo space, reverb and EQ. You need more EQ. I would love to hear a fully mixed version of this music. I'm sure you can do it guys !!! Your music deserve a better mix ! Love