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Destroy The Popollution Jamendo Music track cover

Destroy The Popollution (2006)


From the album: You Can't Stop Da Funk
  • Celebrity whore scream for more
    Everything old everything told
    Crowd get your bass so low
    Dance to explode and buy back your soul

    When we sing words we bring
    And the story comes alive
    To share a though inside it fought
    The meaning wants to hide
    But do you know what's old is new
    Tell a friend and talk it through
    Don't be yellow when I am blue
    It is a mystery give me a clue

    I won't say that you're wrong
    Everybody sing along

    Hey little sister
    Don't stroll downtown
    All the clubs all around
    Play that hollow sound
    It makes you feel down down down
    Keep your feet on the ground
    Don't let them ruin our sound