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Come Back Home Jamendo Music track cover

Come Back Home (2011)

Anna Craig

From the album: Anna Craig
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    • 2 years ago

      Mathew owens

    • 5 years ago

      Part 2 with this"ND image - (No Derivatives) Don't alter, transform or build upon the music." This Takes away from the possibilities, for them also to be seen as a creator within videos= A "Creative Commons 2.0 Cinema Presentation", timing it to the music as well as the video slide show or movie. I have personally formatted many videos for the Jamendo Music Artist, timing it to the slideshows or Movie, in a on going goal for their music to be used by TV or in Motion Pictures. We do this for free, at cost to us, why, because we care, and soon hope-fully some day we will be seen and remembered for doing something honest for another and not asking nothing in return. We will build video for anyone for free, i guess we are asking for a one on one agreement with you, for the videos we formatted for you to be allowed to stand. I personally was not aware of the formatted ND image - (No Derivatives) by you at the time. sin., Henry Massingale

    • 5 years ago

      Part 1 One thing should be noted, music fans love their artist, and love to create videos for them, not out copyright infringements, but out of respect and for them. Creative Commons if for people with creative minds, that not only see the Music Artist, they feel their world with their hearts through your music,