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Infinite Ocean Jamendo Music track cover

Infinite Ocean (2011)

Mawr Gorshin

From the album: Infinite Ocean
  • Though all of us and all things known
    Seem from each other separated,
    We creations aren't so alone--
    We're with each other integrated.

    *Each of us, every son and daughter--
    However surreal may seem this notion--
    Is just a tiny drop of water
    In the world's infinite ocean.

    We're stirred together every day
    In all the good and bad we do.
    This is karma's eternal play--
    A drama that we don't see through.


    Deluded that we're each alone,
    We drops fall from the sky like rain--
    Tears of the clouds. The sins we own
    Cause our own, and our neighbours', pain.

    When we raindrops fall in the ocean,
    We wisely see the waves rise and fall.
    Yin and yang are in the waves' motion:
    This should be a guide for us all.