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Bright Side of Darkness 2009 Jamendo Music track cover

Bright Side of Darkness 2009 (2012)

Soul in Sadness

From the album: Hier und am Leben
  • Darkness in the sky
    A lightshine from your heart
    Am I chief, am I actor
    I smell my own fear
    The darkness seems so near
    As nights will come and go
    As time's sometimes too slow
    And sometimes too fast
    At first or at last
    I'll make it thru to you

    Desire might lead to madness
    A wish can be insane
    If you win, if you fall
    If you get nothing at all
    You know that life is not a game
    Hate can be a deadly weapon
    And love can teach you how to fly
    I need a place in the sun
    Where your touch keeps me warm
    'Got enough of climbing up into the sky

    Clouds up on my sky
    A whisper from your heart
    A birth or a funeral
    The road is now clear
    The darkness is much too near
    I'll cherish the tears I cried for you
    And all the kisses that I gained
    Love has gone with the day
    I'm sitting hoping for grace
    My soul is looking for another place

    And please, please
    Promise me the suns gonna shine again
    Show me the bright side of darkness
    I'm living an endless nightmare
    Someones got to awake me
    Love is a candle or even a fire
    Show me the light side of darkness
    I'm just a man on your way
    I'm just a time that has gone
    I'm just an actor in a movie
    'Bout the sadness in this world
    That we can't see