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    • Serenity and repose . . beautiful, like a sunlight dappled forest.

    • Thank you for your comment, i like it so much.

  • Quite nice chatty jazz with a sparkling Sax. These pieces held a tinge of darkness and yet brightened the atmosphere of the listener. Perfect music to play in the background for your dinner guests.

  • This was lovely . . . a voyage in the bright northern snows . . . peaceful and relaxing and ambitious.

  • Love this album, big time . . . truly mellow chill . . calming and warm . . comforting.

  • This is really lovely. Many of these have a bell-like sound that inspires the winter blues to lift up and fly away. Dreamlike sounds and beautiful music round this album into a truly wonderful present for Christmas. . . .Thank you for the share.

  • Thank you for the review. Glad to see you are still haunting the jamendo corridors for music. Steve