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    • It's always a pleasure to listen to Fortadelis, the Croatian king of electronic ambiental music! With Stimulus he delivers another masterpiece! Highly original, warm and bright journey into other worlds! Fade and Elevation are really extraordinary!

    • Oh, thank you so much for such a compliments my dear friends from Slovenia !

  • Another great music creation of one of the best Jamendo artists! Each track was a pleasant surprise. Richness of sound, unique creativity and great composition are trademarks of Fortadelis. I like all songs, especially Urban Vibe, Unfolding Into Vastness and Hiding Place. Cheers!

  • Great music from a great musician! Thank you for sharing it with me!

  • I really enjoyed listening to this great album! Warm and soft sounds are professionally produced. This is truly a masterpiece! Magnetism and Tranquility are absolutely awesome! Thank you!

  • Nice and creative jazz. My favourites are Oh, Jesus and Feelin' Strange. Thank you!