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  • Metamatic 6 is about Moving. In loops. Addingg colors. Timbres. To make sharp edges on circles. Strange concept. I like when minimalistic sounds out of order and fresh. Breaks in patterns. Is break in trance. You never fall in loops because of edges. On circles. You know what I mean. Its not hypnotic if you jump terrified in the middle of night. because in sudden break in pattern. More is less. Metamatic 13 More careful. Meybe to avoid to scare people in the middle of Night .). Pattern in circles again. How to describe chaos in ordered circular patterns. Maybe like this. I would use more reverb on this. A pinch of delay, maybe. To add more chaos. Predictible... Metamatic 12. What the hell matamathic means anyway :). Voices I hear Voices. Like signals in night. Or passing urban neonic landscapes. This is ok. I love this. Sound - scapes - noise. Looking in Angelo's window - spaaace. In short. This is extremely good thing so go ahed and use it - Often. Thank you for this experiance. Good Night