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    • I love the first song because of his oriental feeling and the distinct drums. In the second I love the pending movement that carries me away...

    • When I'm listening to your songs, I believe in the sun that immediately starts to shine. Beautiful tunes and sounds that let me meditate enjoying life and nature.

    • "Space Night" ist ein wundervoll meditatives Album, das entspannt und gleichzeitig den Ohren schmeichelt. 17 Instrumentals, die alle anders sind, indem sie interessante Klänge verarbeiten, aber alle das gleiche Ziel haben: in Ruhe runterkommen... Mein Favorit ist "Ancient Ruins".

    • A great album to dive into music's diversity. A high quality production, never a dull moment. I like the song "Black Sheep" most - perhaps because I am a black sheep myself?

    • Interesting songs, which change between Acoustic- and Hard Rock-styles. Good vocals and guitars. My favourite song is "La televisione".